Our Principles and Differentiators

KdT Ventures
2 min readAug 10, 2019
Our Guiding Lights

At KdT, we try to be purposeful in our actions and words. Below, you will find prose describing what we, as a firm, stand for:

Kind. We are humans helping other humans. We believe in the power of social capital.

Purposeful. We are driven and intentional. We choose our language and our portfolio carefully.

All in. We have conviction in our companies and our thesis. We don’t turn back.

Generous. We go out of our way to help. We’re concerned with what we can give as much as what we will get.

Scientific. We are precise. We test hypotheses, collect and analyze results, and adjust course based on the data.

Integrity. We are driven by a strong sense of ethics and we are in it for the long-haul.

Curious. We are captivated by what the future could hold.

Authentic. We are imperfect, true to ourselves. We are humble and determined.


Writing the physical layer.

We now have the source code to write the physical world around and inside us. Computation applied to biology & chemistry rules what’s possible. Our portfolio companies are dramatically changing how the world works, from nano to whole earth scales.

We create ventures too.

We reserve a small bucket of each fund to create ventures in areas of the country that are over-scienced but under-funded.

Earlier than anyone else.

We are often the first check into a company.

Diligence next to none.

As scientists and researchers ourselves, we have a far above-average understanding of the science and technology breakthroughs we’re evaluating. We are sophisticated in our due diligence. Our co-investors both early and later on rely on KdT to dig deep.

The nicest VCs you’ll ever meet.

At the end of the day, we’re humans who are helping other humans. We respond and take action super fast. We seek out long-term, deep relationships with our partners because we know that social capital compounds faster than cash.



KdT Ventures

KdT is the standard for early-stage science venture investing. We help founders and their companies re-architect the world at a molecular level.